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Allen Wales held the title of Vice President Technology (CIO) at autoTRADER.ca for over 5 yrs, having worked there for a total of 15 yrs growing the business whilst at the same time delivering a world-class transition from traditional print products over to a 100% online business.His responsibilities included recruiting and managing 130 IT staff mainly consisting of development teams and over $15m capital investment per year building the autoTRADER.ca consumer websites & mobile apps serving over 15m visitors a year. During his tenure Allen was personally instrumental in double digit Revenue & EBITDA growth, helping sell the company 3 times – raising the company’s value to $1.58bn CAD realized in the sale from APAX to Thoma Bravo Equity Partners in 2016. Prior to moving to Canada, Allen was Director of IT & Information for a number of Hospitals in the UK and IT Strategy Manager for Sunderland Health Authority overseeing the roll-out of Electronic Patient Records in the National Health Service (NHS)


Carl Schrack is a technology professional with over 30 years of experience in managing teams, projects and software development. Previous to HealthChoicesFirst, Carl was director of software development at Pivotal Corporation where he was responsible for creating the award winning Pivotal CRM solution. A fully customizable system that will meet the customers business processes and optimize the organization.  One of the many projects that Carl was responsible for was to create a new database synchronization system to replace the existing product. The existing system was one of the highest customer service ticket products. The new system flipped this around where the new product had one of the least maintenance issues and enhanced the ability of the customer to view the transportation of data from child databases to the main system.  Carl’s experience covers both LAMP and Microsoft platforms and multiple languages and services.


Tim Logie is Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary of the Company. An entrepreneur and former fund manager, Mr. Logie brings 20 years of experience in financial markets. He has traded and managed instruments across all major asset classes, including currencies, derivatives, high-yield bonds, commodities and equities. He was in charge of pricing exotic securities at Vertex One and handling the firm’s currency exposures. He has started 10 businesses in the last three years and is passionate about helping others. He runs an entrepreneur club for the kids in his neighbourhood and coaches both his kids’ soccer teams.

Video Manager

Chantal Sayers comes from an extensive background in pharmaceutical sales. With 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she has a deep knowledge of a wide range of products in the areas of Asthma, Diabetes, Vaccines and Infectious Disease. Before entering pharmaceutical sales she worked as a personal assistant to both a Cardiothoracic Surgeon and a Cardiologist and has extensive knowledge in cardiovascular health. Chantal is currently the Video Production and Editing Manager for HCF, which encompasses all pre-planning, editing and post production of video content developed on the website. Her complementary role as Pharmaceutical Liaison also allows her to lead initiatives on patient – consumer based content, physician directed content, PAAB approved videos and various forms of social media such as online health forums.  Outside of work she is an avid guitar player in a local band and a mother of two boys.


Erin Stringer is an editor, writer and SEO consultant who has been working in online media for over 10 years. She worked for Reinvent Inc. from 2005 to 2010 and was involved in writing and content strategy on their sites including the Vancouver.com, GoodNews.com and BlackFriday.com, which received over 10 million visits in November 2010. She was the associate editor for the international child safety organization KidproofSafety.com. Her work has been published in a number of magazines and newspapers.


The pandemic has heightened the need and opportunity to use digital tools around chronic diseases with extra billing code opportunity to work with our digital delivery assets.

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