Pandemic Opportunities & Support


Tele Health:  Accompanying video based education, drug monograph and allied referrals.

Tele Health growth due to the pandemic has accelerated digital communication around chronic diseases to to the lack of in person consultation with your physician.  This has created extra billing codes  for chronic disease in both Canada and USA and has therefor opened up additional revenue streams for physicians and hospitals.

A transformational shift to educational online digital assets


87% of the population is likely to be affected by one or more chronic disease throughout their lifetime, including those affected by a major health issue such as cancer, heart disease or stroke.

Online pharmacy and tele health video content


The high morbidity and mortality associated with AF imposes substantial and rising societal and healthcare cost burdens. The total costs of AF care in the United States are estimated to be $15.65 billion per year (2018 dollars) Nearly 75% of the costs of AF represent the direct and indirect costs associated with hospitalization. In addition to hospitalization, the main drivers of costs for AF management include outpatient care and testing ($3.53 billion, or 23% of total costs) and outpatient prescription drugs ($535 million, or 4% of total costs), according to a retrospective analysis of 3 federally funded US databases (2018 dollars). The societal costs of lost productivity should also not be overlooked.

Educational health content is the most important next step



The pandemic has heightened the need and opportunity to use digital assets and tools around chronic diseases.  Changes and additions to the chronic conditions and telehealth billing codes have given physicians a greater need to work with digital content.  Our digital platforms offer a seamless way for physicians to deliver and educate patients with quality digital assets and tools.

  • Transform your video with medical animation
  • Reinforce your key messaging with animation
  • Whether its stock or custom animation, VSFL can help
  • VSFL can do multile language animation
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